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The Modern Parenting Community Rules!

I know, I know... rules?  *YAWN*
But this is OUR secret slice of heaven and we are hell-bent on keeping our community a safe, fun, supportive space.. the stuff people in our offline lives just don't get. We have rules to ensure this group serves you and others in the BIGGEST and best way!

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Echo FeatherstoneComment
#MarryMe Nelson, Part 3. The Falling.

"I could feel my face turning red and he could see it. My body lit up in flames when he looked at me. I couldn’t look at him! I felt like he was looking right through me. It was as if he already knew everything about me, like he had seen the moment I was born, to the moment I was finally right here in front of him, and all of my secrets were showing in my eyes."

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#MarryMeNelson, We Met.

“Just open the door, Echo. You’re going to be okay.. I got you.” I f*&#ing love when he says my name, or tells me “I got you girl.” It makes me blush and sends shivers throughout my body. Nelson and Echo's love story written by Echo in her #MarryMeNelson Series of humorous stories.

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The Odd Saturday Morning [A photo essay of what I do while Mr Man sleeps it off]

As parents, partners, husbands and wives, I find there’s a lot of shit we do, that we don’t even realize (and may go unnoticed), for people we love. This morning I decided to document how awesome I am. I decided to take a few pictures. I took pictures of things that I did but was not really thinking about what I was doing... it was just natural for me. Nelson went to a stag last night, so I imagine he’s not going to be up to have coffee with me. I left out one of his favourite mugs, so that when he wakes up the coffee is warm and the mug is ready.

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