Supporting Fathers and Changing the World, with Leland Dieno.

I'll Never Leave.
A children’s story, colouring and activity book specifically for Single Fathers.

Leland Dieno(author) and his son.

Leland Dieno(author) and his son.

Since starting No Deadbeat Society a few years ago I have had too many amazing conversations with fathers to count. I’ve spoken to happily married (to their children’s mother)  men who have overcome obstacles in their lives unimaginable and single fathers who have been focused on bettering their lives for their children

One common denominator I’ve found in most men who have overcome adversity when it comes to fatherhood is that we struggle with vulnerability. Men have been raised to be strong masculine providers and that showing emotion could translate to weakness. However, I’ve found this to be completely the opposite. Masculinity is definitely something men should and can embrace. Women and Men play different roles in life, but making yourself vulnerable should never be considered weak. Seeking help, bonding and bettering your mental health can be one of the most difficult hurdle you may work through.

On that note, many men have difficulties expressing their emotions. It’s difficult I’ve found, especially for single fathers to express how they feel to their children when what they really want to say is “I’ll Never Leave”. A single father who may not see their children every day often finds himself struggling in many areas of his life. If and when they finally do come to peace with their life ending up in a situation they couldn’t have imagined years ago, they struggle sharing their emotions with themselves, their family and their children.

I wrote the story “I”ll Never Leave” with these men in mind. A great friend of mine, Kodee Burton illustrated the book beautifully and the colouring & activity book came together perfectly.

Proceeds from every book sold are being donated directly to charities that assist young boys and men with their mental health.


The book is now available on Amazon for only $9.99.

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