#MarryMeNelson, We Met.


I think the most romantic thing ever, is the first time the snow starts to fall.
I always wanted to be caught, with a cold nose, kissing outside as the snow starts to fall and the world spins around us. 

A Friday the 13th in December. 

I had driven 5 hours to Toronto after work, and was wearing my favourite shirt with elephants all over it. It was my first time leaving my kids for the night. 

I was on the 11th floor in room 4111. 

I was looking out a window, all the city lights looked like Christmas. The snow began to fall, and I wanted to be kissed. 

My breasts were totally fucking engorged.. I pulled out my breast pump to let out a little milk to curb the pain. 

MOMD: “I’m here in the lobby” he texted me. 

The panic was setting in and I was chickening out! “Wait! wait! Wait! ..omg I’m going to faint!” I replied. 

MOMD: “coming up the elevator...” 

MOMD: “Do you want me to wait in the lobby until you’re ready? I can wait.” 

“No! No! Come! But I can’t answer the door! I’m too nervous. It’s open.. just come in! Pleaseeeeee!” I was texting him, trying to figure out how I should be sitting, should I be standing?!? Do I pretend I was working?! Watching something? fuck! should I look busy? Should I lay across the sofa and say “welcome to the dungeon” I teased to myself.... Well now I have to pee now! Do I pee!? 

MOMD: “Just open the door, Echo. You’re going to be okay.. I got you.” 

“Ahhhh!! I can’t!!” I messaged back. 
I fucking love when he says my name, or tells me “I got you girl.” It makes me blush and sends shivers throughout my body.

MOMD: “can’t what? Do I come? If you’re not ready. We can do this another time, Echo.” 
“No! No! I didn’t mean that... come!” My fingers typed back while the rest of me was panicking. 

MOMD: “......If you’re a big black guy named Dallas...” 
“I’m really not! I promise!” I messaged, laughing.

*ding “here.” I read.
as he knocked on the door.

I ran to the door, terrified .. FUCK.. do I open it?! Omg! Do I look through the peep hole!!?! do I wait 3 seconds? 1.....2.. NO wait.. will it seem too long?! Too short... omg. I’m gonna hurl! 

*knock, knock, knock.* 

My heart pounding, head swirling, I closed my eyes. My hands disconnected, as if they weren’t mine, opened the door. 

I opened my eyes and for a split second, everything was blurry but his face and the light around him, I fell into his arms.

Yes. I fell into his arms the moment I saw him. 

I hugged him and hid my face in his chest as tears filled my eyes because in that exact moment, all of me knew for sure... that this was him. The way his heart was pounding through his leather jacket and his hands were trembling, I knew he felt it too. 

We were magnets. 

It was three minutes of silence before I would realize how weird this probably was. His hands were still shaking, his heart still racing. 

He was half hugging me, because he had a tray of coffee and treats in one hand, and bottles of sparkling water in the other, with his bag around his shoulder. 

“It’s okay Echo, I’ve got you.” He whispered. 

He slowly walked me back, as he closed the door behind him. 
Yeah.... I was still hugging him, by now I was just so fucking embarrassed and hiding in his chest, I didn’t know how to stand up.. “oh god, I wish I was invisible right now.” I thought. 

He leans to put down the coffees, “I’m just going to set these down, because they are burning my hand. I got you a coffee!” 

He pried off his bag around my arms and set it down with the glass bottles at his feet. 

Feeling so stupid, I stood on my own two feet again.  
There was a little bit of space between us and when he stood up from putting down his bag, he put his hands in my hair, around the back of my neck, looked me in the eyes and said “You are so beautiful.” and I blushed so fucking hard, I looked away. 

I could feel his breath on my cheek as I laughed off his compliment and missed my chance of a kiss. 

And that kids, is how I met your father. 

The Man Of My Dreams.(MOMD)


This is the next morning....




He poured and made me coffee, and that’s the moment I knew I needed him to be mine. 






This was a selfie I took the next morning, because LOOK in those eyes! This is what falling in love looks like.

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