Funny and Heartwarming Story For All Fathers!

My name is Brent Smith. I am a 40 year old father of two from St. Catharines who now lives in beautiful Caledonia, Ontario. I had always wanted to have a daughter and when we found out we were having a girl I remember a real genuine happiness and excitement. Unfortunately, as I waited for her arrival I remember looking for books about excited soon to be fathers and I kept coming up short. 

This perturbed me for many reasons. Dad’s are 50% of the parenting team and I felt that most were being overlooked.  I had become tired and weary of the portrayal of males in today’s media as goofy, bumbling and foolish or intimidating and scary figures. Initially Daddy’s Wish was supposed to be a short story for my daughter, but as I began writing I realized it was more of an homage to the Father/Daughter relationship. An honest, funny and heartfelt look at how exciting, nerve wracking and exhausting being an expectant Father of a Daughter can be.

In a world where kids are overwhelmed and undervalued it was important to me to make Daddys Wish a BIG HUG from all Dads to their Daughters. A book that highlights the evolution of love between a Father and his daughter and reaffirms how important that relationship is.

Daddy’s Wish tells the story of a genuine, loving and excited father to be as he navigates through some of the major moments of his wife’s pregnancy.  We highlight the ultrasound, all of the glorious opportunities that come with having a little girl, the exhausting wait and the glorious arrival. 
Daddy’s Wish is illustrated by my cousin Spencer Duffy. Spencer has previous experience working on animated shows such as Fairly Odd Parents and Bunsen is Beast.  Spencer has brought my creation to life with bright, bold and inviting illustrations that capture the readers attention immediately.

Unfortunately, nowadays unless you are a known author, you need to fundraise in order to have your worked published. Friesen Publishing has welcomed us with open arms and 39,000 bookstores once we reach our funding goal.

Here is the Kickstarter Link to Support this father and his amazing journey!!