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Hellooo-o-o! I'm Echo Featherstone, Creator of Modern Parenting.

(and yes, that actually is my real name!)

I am a certified Triple P - Positive Parenting Practitioner, certified Life Coach and Mindset Practitioner, that has worked in Early Education, Resources, and Family Support for years. I have experience in developing and facilitating workshops, programs, and seminars for families to promote physical, social, emotional and intellectual development. I strive to provide parents with up to date knowledge and information that empowers them to make the best informed, intuitive choices for their families. 

Talking to parents, supporting and making them laugh, is my passion! Holding babies and playing games with kids is a pretty close second... depending on the time of the month. (I wanted to have 13802 kids, but my partner thinks 3 would be enough. BOOOOO!)  

I'm from a small town in Canada. Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed of being a mother. I wanted to grow up so bad, so that I could own that pink Barbie car in the sears magazine and take my baby sisters and drive to my favourite restaurant. My childhood dream was to stand on a stage in front of thousands of people, telling jokes, being silly and talking. I LOVED talking.

Fast forward to now, I realize how ridiculous my dreams sounded then, but not much has changed. The little girl in me still has big dreams, and I know that I’m here on this earth to make a difference. 

I have the best man on earth as my partner.🍆 He’s really amazing to me and
such an incredible father to our children. We work really great together, and
I’m madly in love with him. (I wish you would just ask me to marry you already! ...sigh. I mean, I had your babies and all….) Any who! We raise three kick-ass children together, ages 9, 4, and 11 months. Each one of our children has their own, very different personalities, appetites and sleep patterns. It’s like, really fun! But being a mother is literally nothing like I dreamed it would be when I was little.

Like most women out there, I have faced many difficult challenges in my life. I once was a young, single mother of two children, trying to balance three jobs. I completely relate to both the joys and rewards of parenting and also those feelings of being isolated, resentful, exhausted, and discouraged! Being a young mother, I was judged. Oh man, the Judgy-McJudgersons out there.

Determined, I enrolled in University, and attended as many seminars/training opportunities as I could. I wanted to prove to the world that I never was, what I wasn’t in the first place! I’ve taken my life experience combined with evidence-based research and turned it into a positive outcome.

This is  who I was meant to be. NOW I know why I had children young! This is why I’ve persevered through so many struggles and why I’m standing here today, stronger than ever, filled with experience and knowledge.That’s what sets me apart from other parenting practitioners and what makes me such a non-judgmental person, because “hey, I get it! I’ve been there and back.”
Having worked in a non-for-profit centre in a low income community and struggled myself, I made it my mission to make a difference. I created this membership site, with a much bigger “why?” For those of you who know me personally, know that I have such a huge heart. I feel like it’s my responsibility to help others as much as I can. And that's why a portion of the proceeds will go to different food programs that help families with children each month, or directly to a family in need. My goal is to grow this business, to have a greater percent of proceeds to donate, to benefit even more families.

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