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Do you ever feel overwhelmed?

Frustrated? Exhausted? Frazzled?

Like maybe (just maybe) being a grown-ass adult and parent
is a lot harder than anyone told you it would be?

Join the fucking club.
Like, literally.

(Yeah, we swear here. Cause we're grown-ups. Huzzah!)


This is the place where we come together and get real.
About parenting, relationships, hormones, teething, bedtime, 
postpartum depression, health, sex, chocolate,… 

Everything. No bullshit, and absolutely no judgment.

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Nice to meet you.
I'm Echo.

I'm your very own personal baby-expert & certified parenting practitioner.

I've got a bunch of official and impressive qualifications and experience that you can read about here, but above and beyond all that, I'm a real mom, like you. 

I've been the teen mom. I've been the single mom. I've been the fun mom, the disciplinarian mom, The dammit-I-have-to-do-everything-myself mom. I've been the totally on top of my game mom, the madly-in-love mom, and also the bat-shit-crazy sleep deprived hormonal postpartum mom. And I've survived it all, with an unwavering dedication to my kids to be the best fucking mom I can be. I'm not perfect, but...

I've made it my life's work to master the best early years education practises for my own children and the hundreds of children I work with, and to coach other parents.


Get full access to our secure hub, with tons of  parenting information, tips & advice!


Get answers when you need them,
by phone or email. 

 Connect with parents from  all around the world in a supportive and friendly space.

Micro-meditations help you increase concentration, sleep better and de-stress.🍷


Delicious affordable 30-45 min. recipes for busy parents and picky kids


Expert advice and interviews keep the content fresh and current.


Join parenting webinar courses with real solutions for your family. 

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Modern Parenting is an information and advice-filled parenting membership site. We provide advice, resources, facts, tips, and up-to-date information from experts, real doctor and medical studies to help you make informed and intuitive choices for you and your family. We recognize there is no instruction manual or one “right way” to parenting. 
That’s why we don’t tell you how to parent. Rather, like a tool box, this site is filled with parenting tips and tools that you can pick and choose which tools you would like to add to your very own tool box, customizing them to best suit your family’s needs and choosing how you would like to implement them.


Here at Modern Parenting, we have created The Hub. An online support group that focus’s on communication and socialization. Giving parent’s and caregivers a place to connect and build relationships rather than just focusing on parenting advice. The Hub is a positive, international and multi-cultural, positive, humorous, non-judgmental and open-minded community. A warm, fun, caring space where parents and caregivers can connect, ask questions, share advice and personal experiences, covering issues around parenting, offering tips, resources and opening discussions about health, money matters, relationships and everything in between.



We offer an evidence based program that gives parents the skills and confidence to manage mild developmental or behavioural problems such as, bedtime dramas, mealtime problems, tantrums or disobedience.

Not only will you gain access to programs, seminars, and webinars but you will also have the support of our online community of parents just like you along with unlimited email support from parenting practitionaer Echo Featherstone herself. 



You might be making spaghetti for the third time this month because you’re short on time, or you’ve just lost your love
and energy for cooking. You might find it difficult to find something your child enjoys eating. Meal time might be a
struggle because you don’t know what to make anymore. You can make something, and your child suddenly hates it.
Then you worry your child isn’t getting enough nutrition.

I Repeat… You Are Not Alone! 
There are literally thousands of parents that feel the exact same way but it doesn’t need to be like this!


Do you feel like you’re constantly yelling at your kids?

Why do other parents seem to being having nothing but fun?

Do you often wonder if other parents have to pretend to know what they are doing as much as you do?


Modern Parenting is here to help!



Maybe you stumbled upon this Easter Egg by chance. Or maybe I personally gave you the heads up. Either way, you've found a surprise.

It's my very first podcast. Yup. And it's heavy, but soooo important. See, I started this site because I wish I'd had access to a site like this when I was a first time Mom. I've got 3 awesome kids now, and loads of training and education in babies and parenting. But back then, I was a teenaged single Mom, and I was going through all this stuff without the support I needed, so, Baby, I get it. I do. I've dealt with postpartum personally. And I've worked with hundreds of families, just like yours. So if you're struggling with PPD, or know someone who is, have a listen to my very first podcast ever!!