I’m jealous of my partner watching porn.

Hey Echo,

How do you handle porn? I want to not care if my partner watches it but then when I find out I get jealous....like why watch that fake shit when you can have me. He knows it makes me uncomfortable so he stopped, but now i feel bad and I don't want to take anything away from him...He wants to watch it together but i just don’t.. 


Jealous GF


Hey Jealous GF,

It’s okay to not like it. You don’t have to.
I dont like watching men plow women I don’t know, watching women fake orgasms the same way I don’t like black coffee. It’s my preference. Personally it upsets me too! All I see is him and another girl because I don’t look like that! My confidence and worth takes a plunge. I get how it feels, and that’s okay. You don’t have to like everything they do! That would be so annoying.. could you imagine if your partner liked everything you do?! Talk about a little brother following you around everywhere! 

But seriously- you don’t like what you don’t like, don’t feel bad. Good for you for knowing that!  Trust me.. it’s going to be okay. I mean- I’m sure there’s worse things in your relationship than not liking to watch porn together. Does he like to fold laundry with you? Or wash dishes and poop with you?

Love, Echo