Mom-Bod meltdown

Hey Echo,

Welp. Today is officially the day I cry over my body 😑 after having 3 kids nothing is the same. The most upsetting part is my chest. I was never “big chested”, but I had a little bit of something so I didn’t look like a teen pre-puberty. My boobs are now literally non-existent, to the point that an A cup bra is too big 😭 

I can’t wear tank tops or loose fitted shirts without getting completely self conscious of my chest. I can handle the stomach bulge, larger thighs than I’m used to, and a butt that’s more wide than it is “full”, but my chest is where I draw the line 😞.


Body-Conscious Mama! 


Hey Body-Conscious Mama,

Be kind to yourself! 

I want you to first of all know, you are enough. You’re worthy enough, good-looking enough, healthy enough, mom enough, wife enough.. you’re so enough. 

I have these days and Ive learned to stop and ask myself questions like...

When did I eat a healthy meal last? 
Did I get enough sleep last night? 
Do I need a nap? what do I need? 

Usually I’m unhappy and abuse myself like this when I have not had a good nights rest, or food to feed my brain. 

ALSO- give your body time! Did you know it takes 2 years for your body to even be “unpregnant?” 

It’s not as bad as you think it is right now- I promise. This will pass. Just like when you're super happy, tired, excited or angry.. just remember this feeling will too, pass. 

Love, Echo