The Modern Parent REPORT CARD

This may be the most important test you ever take.




Are you ready for the Modern Parenting Report Card?

 It seems only fair, doesn't it?
We can sometimes put so much pressure on our children to do well in school and be decent compassionate little people. Teachers are constantly judging and grading them every week.  ..We reward and give consequences for all their achievements and actions! When was the last time you were evaluated for anything you did? Who is grading your parenting for you?
Now, it’s your turn to be brave! Dig deep and allow some serious constructive criticism to help us grow! Let your kids grade you!

We’ve put together a simple test that lets children evaluate their parents or guardians on their parenting skills!

Your child’s perception of you, may surprise or hurt a little.. but it’s a great way to start conversations, and improve ourselves as parents. Approaching the Parent Report Card with an open mind and an open heart can make it an incredible learning experience!

I hope this exercise will remind me you that some of the little things, really are BIG things to them and matter a great deal!

Tell us your experience! Email Echo, or tell us in out private group! (The MP HUB)