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Do you put your kids to bed and feel so physically and mentally drained that you
can barely brush your teeth without falling asleep?



Do you feel guilty for needing a break from your children, guilty for going grocery
shopping without them, guilty for going back to work?



Do you daydream about cloning a more energetic, fit, and fun version of yourself to watch
your kids while you slip away to a beach? Do you dream of a hotel made only for parents where it's
clean, quiet, and doesn't smell like baby puke or urine? A place where you can sleep all night, sip
hot coffee, and eat real food with gluten? A place where pants are optional and you can
eat chocolate in the light of day as slowly as you want while getting endless massages? 

💛Burnt out? 

Maybe you feel resentful about being a single parent? (Sometimes being married doesn’t mean
you’re not parenting alone.) Maybe you feel resentful towards other parents who have help and support
or a partner always there with and for them, helping around the house, with the kids, or just someone
to hang out with every night after a long day.


Do you find yourself wondering if you are close enough to your child? Do you wonder if you’re present
enough or if you have strong enough connection? Do you wonder if your child feels comfortable
approaching you with issues instead of thinking you don’t want to be bothered? 


Family dynamics have shifted in recent years, and more couples are moving miles away from their closest
relatives making it harder to have support close by.  Single or divorced parents are on the rise, and
finding your village to help raise your child is becoming more of a challenge with less people being
involved in churches and not even meeting their neighbors. Not to mention the challenge of finding
people you enjoy being around who share similar parenting views!


Parenting can be so lonely. Between naps, cooking, cleaning and the sparse amount of clean,
family friendly bathroom facilities, going out is a challenge. 

💛 Like a Survivor contestant?

Every day is a contest to see if you can outwit, outplay, & outlast the kids. 


Judged for being too old or not old enough? Judged for the way you parent and the decisions you
choose to make regarding your children/family? Judged for the food choices you make and your
child’s behaviour? Do you feel judged by your spouse, mother-in-law, your mother, and others? Worst of all,
do you judge yourself? There is so much advice coming from every direction, and it feels like a
testament to all of the things you’re doing wrong. 

♥Like you’ve lost yourself?

Children dramatically change your life. You might find yourself putting them first and doing
less of what you loved. Are your children are running your life? Who even are you?