I Was Made For You. Finding My Soul Mate


The very first time I was about to meet him.. 

“Omg, I’m so nervous I don’t know if I can open the door!” 

My forehead was pressed against the door as I said a prayer to not faint. His hand was knocking on the other side of the door. My face was flush with fear and my heart was pounding. He texted me. “You can do it…”

I opened the door and there he was, 1/3 of a second passed before I fell into his arms. His bones were like a magnet to my blood. As I buried my face into his chest, tears filled my eyes… I knew it was him. He’s the one I’ve been searching my whole life for. I’ve met him before in another life time. Here we are again, together, soulmates. He is my soulmate. 

I wonder, have you ever felt that energetic pull? 

Energetically, we are drawn to each other, and we tend to be synchronized. Some people are here to teach us something important about our life‘s path, and challenge us deeply with the important lessons about our life‘s purpose. These people, I feel, are our soulmates. I say this because I see so many people working hard at searching for that “one” soulmate. What if there was no such thing as one? 

I believe that we have many different soulmates and that they are with us sometimes temporarily, sometimes for many lifetimes. Sometimes when we meet someone who may seem familiar to us; they may in fact be one of our soulmates who has travelled with us for many lifetimes, but who are not necessarily meant to be our partner. Our partners maybe our soulmate, but not every soulmate is our partner...

I remember reading a book called Journey of Souls by Michael Newton. He says that before you reincarnate onto the planet, you make a contract with the people who will be with you in those experiences. That person may be a friend with whom you feel so in tune with that you can read their mind, or a love connection who shows you how to truly open your heart and be vulnerable.

This person may not necessarily be a love interest whom you are meant to be with forever: instead, they may be someone impactful who shares a temporary period of your life with you for a specific reason- for how long and how intense depends on the situation you find yourself in. 😍

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