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Modern Parenting Hub is a community, and like all true communities we support each other. Life is tough sometimes, and as parents...we get it! That's why part of your monthly membership always goes toward supporting a member family in need.

If you'd like to give this initiative some extra support, I know that a family experiencing challenges will be hugely grateful! Donating is easy, quick and totally secure.


Is there a specific family or fund you want your donation to go toward? Let us know.


Sadly, we lost a member of our community. Amy Green passed away suddenly and much too young, leaving behind her beautiful 3 month old son, Logan, whom she loved with all her heart. Currently, any donations to an unspecified family/fund will go to Logan, and/or to our Winter Holiday Toy Drive (click here for details).

Once you choose the amount you want to donate and enter your name and contact info, you will be given the opportunity to specify where you'd like your donation to go. Or you can fill out the form below to let us know of a deserving family.

 Amy and Logan

Amy and Logan

Know a deserving family that could use some help? Let us know in the form below.

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