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Crock of Jambalaya

We like to make meals throughout the week, and throw in our left over meats to make Jambalaya!If you are new to jambalaya, it’s a kind of smorgasbord of goodness you will fall in love with I promise. Seems like a strange combination but when sausage, shrimp, chicken, rice, and peppers all come together in a red sauce with cajun seasonings, it’s pure magic. 

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3 AMAZING TODDLER-APPROVED MEALS! [12+ Months - New Recipes]

As little ones transition from babies to active toddlers, they are usually on the go nonstop from morning until night! Toddlers will actually need more nutrients per pound of body weight to fuel all this energy. But still, their tummies are still small, that is why it is more important than ever to fill each meal with nutrient rich ingredients to make every bite count…

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